Location and address

Avda. Albir, 2 - (Playa del Albir). 03581, L´Alfas del Pí, (Alicante)
Phone: +(34) 96 686 59 76
Mobile: +(34) 633 377 222
Fax: +(34) 96 686 58 13
Email: api@perez-santamaria.com


What is API?

The simbols API, comes from the abbreviation of the word "Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria". The Real Estate Agent is the legal paymaster person and with the academic training and officialy , necessary to keep clean the exercise of his duties, securing the Law of the properites transactions.The professionals API, have university training.


Which are the duties of the Real Estate Agent?

  • The mediation in buying and selling, exchange, transfer, cession and lettings of real estates.
  • The mediation in the concesion of mortgages.
  • Emision of Reports, Valuation, Informations and Certification of the sale Value or market value, cession or transfeer of real estates.


Also the contribution for the necessary training to bring to the successful conclusion the transactions he takes part, is protect by an insurance of collective civil responsability , to confront any unexpected thing.

Social function

What social function has the API ? The API in his profesional activity, take care , with respect for the user rights, respecting the current law.


How is acting as consultant the API? Puting into your service, his profesional training specifics , his knowledge of the market and of the law , checking the correctness and accuracy of the transactions and mediation between the interests of the both parts.