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Location and address

Avda. Albir, 2 - (Playa del Albir). 03581, L´Alfas del Pí, (Alicante)
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Alfaz del Pí

Alfaz del Pí

In the middle coastline of the Costa Blanca, L'Alfas del Pi, is a village with authentic flavor Mediterranean, calm and friendly, respectful of the environment and cultural heritage.
At the same time L'Alfas del Pi, is the home of many Europeans, mainly attracted by its unique climate, a high level of quality of life and landscape framework incomparableque up the Sierra Helada and sea.

Many of the current inhabitants of L'Alfas del Pi had to travel thousands of miles to reach and enjoy the crystal blue waters and cliffs highest Mediterranean coast. They can also savour the incredible contrasts offered by the environment, and wild green hills, covered with pines.
In this beautiful bay are to fund population of Calpe and the Rock of Ifach, and the picturesque population of Altea, home to artists, painters and intellectuals, sparsely located 2km. de la Playa de L'Alfas del Pi, known as Playa de Albir. 5 km find the bustling and cosmopolitan city of Benidorm internationally known for its beaches, good weather and festive atmosphere.
L'Alfas del Pi considered by international tourist town in his municipality cover approximately 19 km2, more than 54 different nationalities. L'Alfas del Pi draws heavily on tourism nationally and abroad, the vast majority fix their second home because of the kindness of climate, the concentration in the city centre and the beach Albir of those essential services, supermarkets, retail specialist Banks, post offices, social clubs, health centers, Casa de Cultura, cinemas, restaurants, tourism offices, high-performance sports centre and the seafront Beach Albir, called "Walk of Stars" where the "stars of fame" with the names of the actors and actresses honored each year at the Film Festival Alfaz del Pi, which in July this year celebrated its eleventh edition.

Sport as a way of life

L'Alfas has become one of the training centers preferred by athletes and sports professionals from around the world. Figures world, Olympic and national teams from different countries. Coaches, physiotherapists, theoretical and technical sport, land every year in this scenario so peculiar to those who take the sport as a way of life.
It is not uncommon, therefore, to find L'Alfas del Pi with facilities High Performance Sports in the pure Olympic. Track athletics, lawn area, tennis court, fronton, swimming pools, room musculación.D efinitivamente in L'Alfas also is lived for the sport. Today L'Alfas del Pi, is an ambitious and exciting project to become reality which is used as a model to follow in the most advanced European countries. It is a model of coexistence, an exemplary way of life imitated and emulated in the most advanced societies of Europe. One trial of the "ideal Europe.\

Film festivals: Cannes or O L'Alfas del Pi.

So far, nobody has better defined the FESTIVAL. If we find the Cannes film professionals, engaged in a frantic and stellar activity fraught with compromises, signatures autograph ...... In L'Alfas happens quite the opposite. The stars fall from the sky and still shining, but in a different way. The protagonists of hundreds of films quietly converse with those who, on many occasions, have paid a seat to admire his work. Outcrops the human side of the divas. The glamour combined with the warmth, friendliness, tranquillity, enjoyment. Everything came, the quality of the organization, the illusion of the novel, the excitement of cinemagoers, the curiosity of the public multinational satisfaction filmmakers, climate and especially the magic that have night of July in L'Alfas del Pi.

Terra Mitica: Theme Park and counties BENIDORM

Among the towns of Benidorm and the compound is located Finestrat theme park in Benidorm and county Mítica.Terra called Terra Mitica is now a reality, and open its doors to the public in July 2000. Spend as one of the largest theme parks in Europe, and whose main themes are the various Mediterranean civilizations. Thus, its main themes are the civilizations of ancient Rome, Greece, Islands, Egypt and Iberia.Nuestro municipality, Alfaz del Pi, is far only 5 km. Terra Mitica and is one of the best municipalities located regarding the status of the park. It is the ideal place to spend their summer holidays, to rent their accommodation, to spend the winter taking advantage of the goodness of climate, or to purchase your home or habitual vacacional.Disfrutará of its investment in a privileged environment, enjoying the peace and tranquility that characterizes us and very close to the bustling and cosmopolitan Benidorm, with Terra Mitica, has become the most important tourist centre of Europe and one of the best climates and beaches in the world.

Altea, domes of the Mediterranean

Barely 2 km. from Playa del Albir, we can find one of the most beautiful town on the Mediterranean coast, Altea, located on the top of a hill crowned by the dome of its largest church, where currency is an unbeatable view across the bay white , With the city of Benidorm to the fund and the Rock of Ifach in frente.Altea, has two clubs nautical beautifully, "The Club Nautico de Altea" and "Puerta Deportivo Luis Campomanes" or "Greenwich Marina," where lovers of the sea and water sports can practise diving, sailing, windsurfing, fishing, water skiing, cruises, etc. ... Altea, has been appointed recently CULTURAL CAPITAL de la Comunidad Valenciana, its own centers and cultural activities, as VILLLA Gadea, International Center for Music of Unesco and its museums, art galleries, ceramics, painting and its University Campus and Fine Artes.Con right of a population of 15,348 inhabitants, about 2,000 come from over 50 different countries. The percentages of foreign residents by nationalities is as follows: French (5.71%), Germans (20.33%), Belgians (11.12%), Scandinavian (7.61% 9, Netherlands (16.68%) UK (16.98%). At about 2 km. Northwards, we find the people originating called Altea La Vella, located on a small hill. It is a typical small town with Mediterranean flavor, narrow streets, white walls, people friendly and welcoming and an excellent gastronomy. When entering its streets are people of various shops, with typical products of the area.

Sport in Altea

The numerous sports clubs and entities of Altea, are those that promote the development of sports competitions along the coastal año.La situation of this population, makes it especially attractive water sports. Altea has two marinas: Campomanes, and the Clib Naútico, who taught courses natición and sailing. One test of more importance being sailing around the Mediterranean are "Two hundred miles A2", which makes the journey Alte-Ibiza-Altea and is being held at invierno.El Golf is another sport that can be práctca. The Club de Golf Don Cayo, with 9 holes, located in the foothills of the Sierra Bernia, has excellent facilities as soial club, pool, tennis court, in addition to shops, and the possibility of renting carts, clubs, cars, even receiving classes golf.

Good food in Altea

The large number and variety of restaurants that are in Altea makes the chances of being able to taste the traditional dishes from the kitchen alteana, based on seafood and the garden, are very ámplias.De including two outstanding, of most characteristic and delicious: Rice a banda or Caldero, made with fish broth. From the first, only serves rice, accompanied by all i oli, while the second is served after the first rice and fish. The baked rice with chicken meat and pork ribs, sausages, potatoes and chickpeas, or "rice empedrat" with beans and cod, are also traditional cuisine. However, it is the fresh seafood from the bay which constitute the important elements of the culinary tradition of Altea.


About 7 km. Benidorm, inwards, and 3 km. of Alfaz del Pi, arrived at the town of La Nucia, very well connected with the surrounding villages (Alfaz del Pi, Benidorm, Altea, Polop of the Navy, Callosa de Ensarrià and Guadalest). This is a typical Mediterranean town of Inside, very frequented by tourists and residents of the county famous for its flea market or antique market which are put up for sale books, furniture, records, clothing and the most diverse and picturesque objects, is celebrated in the streets of municipiio all Sundays by mañana.Con a population of 9,079 people, perhaps together with Alfaz del Pi, one of the towns of the Costa Blanca more international, counted 65 different nationalities surveyed, which are distributed in the following percentages: French (2.72 %), Germans (29.49%), Belgians (7.99%), Scandinavian (11.5%), Dutch (21.72%), British (17.84%).


The province of Alicante and more specifically our area, the Marina Baixa, has a wide and modern communications network, which unite with the rest of Europe and turn to mundo.Aeropuerto: Alicante has International Airport "Altet", located about 5 km. Alicante capital, and about 50Km. Alfaz de Pi. Passenger traffic accounted for more than 5 million people annually, and daily scheduled flights linking our region with all European capitals and air links with all mundo.Autopista: The Mediterranean Motorway (A-7), communicates with all our borough Europa.Trenes: Complete rail network, which connects Alicante with all regions of Spain and European countries. The Euromed, one of the most modern European trains, with an Alicante Valencia, Tarragona and Barcelona and from there connects with other European cities.

Climates. Temperatures

The Costa Blanca, and especially our area, La Marina Baixa, enjoys an unbeatable temperature throughout the year, which is around 20 º C average annual temperature. The Sierra de Bernia, surrounds the whole region and protects the Northern winds, which do not fit into our bay, so we can say that we have the best temperature of Europe, this is one of the reasons for which thousands European citizens, chose this region to spend winters.

Scoreboard average temperature for months.

Temperatura Media Average water temperature of the sea
January 11 ºC 13 ºC
February 12 ºC 13 ºC
March 14 ºC 14 ºC
April 16 ºC 15 ºC
May 20 ºC 17 ºC
June 23 ºC 21 ºC
July 26 ºC 24 ºC
August 27 ºC 25 ºC
September 24 ºC 25,5 ºC
October 21 ºC 18 ºC
November 15 ºC 15 ºC
December 12 ºC 14 ºC